Large Dogs

All the products in this category are designed specifically for the larger dog, to ensure that all their greater nutritional demands are met. Covering all elements from joint health to general health and a few points in between.

Help make sure your larger dog is kept in tip top condition for a wonderful healthy life!

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PV955 Joint Care Formula - for large dogs
  • £15.95
PV952 Glossy Coat
  • £14.95
PV953 Energy Boost
  • £9.95
PV956 Multivitamin
  • £7.45
PV951 Calming Formula - for large dogs
  • £12.95
PV958 Digestive Probiotics - for large dogs
  • £14.95
PV959 Turmeric Curcumin - for cats & dogs
  • £12.95